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Why is HCE a better option?

  • No capital equipment investment required
  • No need for multiple external service contracts—fuel supplier, maintenance, repairs, etc.
  • No day-to-day operating costs
  • Elimination of on-site generation, emissions or storage of combustible fuels
  • Protection against fluctuating energy cost
  • Reduced liability and risk

Does this mean major construction and changes to my building?
No. Installation is relatively painless and any system conversion is competed with minimal disruption.

How is my system monitored and how long before I get a response to my service call?
HCE utilizes ultra-modern energy and power technology. Sensors are located throughout the system and at your location. Our “Zero Cold Customer” service ensures that our customers can always expect a “warm response” with technicians on call 24/7 for any maintenance or technical issues.

How does Hamilton Community Energy generate heat energy?
The HCE building houses three natural gas-fired peaking boilers and a natural gas-fired stationary engine/generator, along with the various pumps and valves required to run the system.

What are the environmental benefits of using HCE Services?

  • Net decreases in the amounts of greenhouse gases and other emissions.
  • A highly efficient way to produce centralized heating and electrical power that means energy conservation
  • Competitive and environmentally responsible sources of heat and electricity

What is the EcoLogo?®
EcoLogo® certification provides customers with the assurance that products and services bearing the logo meet stringent standards of environmental leadership, as defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Hamilton Community Energy is certified to CCD-001 Energy Efficient Heating/Cooling Systems for Buildings that is represented by the respected EcoLogo® mark, recognized world-wide as the “Environmental Choice” standard. HCE customers are able to prominently display the EcoLogo® that symbolizes their commitment and responsibility for the environment.

Does HCE help with electrical power?
Besides thermal heat, HCE’s Energy Centre produces 3.5 megawatts of electricity, which is routed through the city's Electrical Distribution System. HCE’s Energy Centre, as a local downtown power generator proved invaluable to city operations during the blackout of August 2003.

What are some of the benefits for Hamilton?
The Energy Centre project actually launched a whole new infrastructure in the downtown core. By providing efficient and environmentally-responsible thermal energy, it allows the City of Hamilton to deliver a competitive edge in attracting new development. Other benefits also accrue thanks to diversifying energy sources in the downtown core. And it's a system that can be expanded by adding new thermal heat sources where and when they're needed.

Is HCE Heating Cost Effective?
HCE strategically leverages its volume purchasing power to acquire clean-burning gas at rates that minimize market fluctuations

Cogeneration technology also allows HCE to provide thermal heating that is economically efficient and reduces the cost associated with emissions.

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