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Operating a powerful, clean burning, natural gas-fired reciprocating engine connected to a generator and three 4 MW gas-fired boilers at its primary facility, HCE leverages cogeneration heat and power technology to produce and supply thermal energy through a network of insulated underground pipes for heating, domestic hot water, electricity and cooling services. Exhaust heat is captured and used to produce 3.2 MW of additional thermal capacity.

In addition, HCE has partnered with McMaster Innovation Park to provide ground breaking geo exchange and solar thermal technologies that fully integrate district and renewable energy at a new satellite district energy operation.

HCE's award winning primary facility together with its other operations offers sustainable energy solutions that align with Hamilton's Vision 2020.


HCE Benefits:

  • Releases capital for core investment
  • Competitive energy costs
  • Protection against rising energy prices
  • Lower operating and maintenance cost
  • Minimizes the impact of future carbon credit taxes
  • Cleaner environmental committment
  • No external fuel and maintenance contracts


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